What is Pilates?


Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) developed his ingenious method of exercise in response to a frail childhood in which he survived rickets, asthma, and rheumatic fever. He combined his studies of Yoga, Zen meditation, ancient Greek exercise, and his experience with jujitsu, boxing and as a circus performer. He was interned in Britain during WW1, and it was there that he began to intensely develop his teaching methodology and craft machines to rehabilitate German POW’s and help keep interns strong during the war. Mastering the ability to move from the body's center, along with strengthening the core intelligently, is at the heart of the technique. Pilates' non-impact approach increases muscle strength and flexibility while improving posture and range of motion. Pilates exercises are performed both on specialized equipment and on floor mats. The unique spring resistance of Pilates equipment provides traction for the joints while improving alignment through each exercise. Participating in a Pilates program balances the strength of the muscles supporting the skeletal system, and thus creates a more anatomically efficient body. By balancing the body's strength and range of motion we can restore the body to its natural equilibrium, stimulate a sense of wholeness and generate physical as well as mental well-being.

What We Offer





During the initial private session, each client’s physical history and fitness goals are gathered, and the trainer performs an in-depth postural analysis. We work together with this information to create a unique personalized program that will deliver safe and efficient results. Depending on your needs and preferences, we explore work on the Pilates machine, the mat, and the yoga wall that can incorporate a combination of Pilates and Yoga, or focus more exclusively on one technique. Most clients come for one or more private sessions a week. Jennifer can also meet with clients on as as needed basis to offer ‘Yoga tune-ups’ for practitioners with questions concerning their practice that may go beyond the scope and time constraints most teachers have in group lessons. Sessions are available only by appointment. $80 per session with limited slots available on a sliding scale. .



All sessions are 55 minutes. A few sliding scales slots are available, people with disabilities are encouraged to inquire



Jennifer Birch has been practicing yoga since her early teens. She began exploring Pilates when her chiropractor recommended it during her pregnancy with her second child in 2002. She received her 450 hour teaching certificate in 2003 from Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy in Kansas City, and was named Kansas City's Best Pilates instructor in 2004 by Pitch magazine. Jennifer's teaching style has been primarily influenced by her practice of Iyengar Yoga, intensive training in anatomy and physiology, and her belief in the body's innate ability to heal. She is committed to helping you find an inner sense of alignment and strength, allowing you to move through your life in a more centered and graceful way. Attention to detail, precision alignment, and a deeper connection with your own inner teacher are benefits you will receive from instruction at Taos Pilates and Yoga Studio.

About Taos Pilates & Yoga Studio


Taos Pilates was opened in 2002 by Carrie Field. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the Pilates method and the Taos community has inspired and improved the lives of numerous Taoseños. Carrie is going to graduate school in Albuquerque to study occupational therapy in Fall of 2017. Congratulations Carrie, we will all miss your presence and smile!


In 2017 Carrie left Taos to pursue a career in occupational therapy. Jennifer had been a student of, worked for and attended anatomy and physiology courses at UNM Taos with Carrie over the years. Their mutual love of learning, anatomy geekiness and dedication to pilates made it obvious to them both that Taos Pilates studio should stay open.

Jennifer changed the name to Taos Pilates and Yoga, and is dedicated to providing you with ongoing pilates training available and accessible to all fitness levels and ages. Continuing in Taos Pilates Studio’s tradition, we provide a safe, state of the art equipped pilates and yoga studio that allows clients to move through postural assessment and training, neuromuscular re-education, effective rehabilitation from injury, relief from joint stress and pain caused by habits and trauma towards a well functioning and happy body that is easier to live in and ready for more adventure.



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